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Intel QX9650 reviewed [updated]

by on29 October 2007


In our QX6850 review we had no time to do any overclocking. This time, we include the Kentsfield CPU in our tests to show you the differences.

First, we have to caution anyone who wants to overclock. If you own a Kentsfield the maximal recommended VCore is between 1.4000V and 1.4250V. Also, you need a very good temperature regulating air-cooler. We don't have a test-rig with a water-cooler, but if you do you can expect to go even higher than we did. Not any CPU will go that high, but it should give you an idea how far you can go. Always watch the temperature of the cores, as if they go over 70°C you are in big trouble.

Overclocking FSB:

We have heard and read statements that the QX6850 is not such a good performer on the FSB side. Actually, we were surprised because we managed to go beyond 400MHz FSB (1600MHz) with ease.

Image Image

After the nice results achieved with the QX6850, we thought that the QX9650 would go much higher, but we only got a mere 10MHz more.

Image Image

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