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Biostar TP35D2-A7 reviewed

by on18 October 2007



Biostar has used their usual layout, which means the power connector is on the back of the board. This is quite annoying, because you have to deal with the cable mess around the CPU cooler.

The chipset is cooled by a standard aluminum cooler, which doe not do its job well. While the temperature goes way beyond 60°C the board remains stable. We are under the impression that if you overclock too much you might ruin your board in a short time. Our advice is to get a good Northbridge cooler, such as the Noctua NC-U6, but this will set you back about €23,-.

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The VRM is an analog 3-phase design. TForce stands for higher quality mainboards of the Biostar range, but we have doubts about a 3-phase design, as normally only the cheapest boards come with it. The VRM is driven by the Intersil ISL6322 controller, which can do up to four phases.


The memory slots are placed pretty close to the PCIe x16 slot, but with a bit of fiddling around you can replace memory even when a large graphics card is installed.

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