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Biostar TP35D2-A7 reviewed

by on18 October 2007


2x SATA cable
1x HDD-power to 1x SATA power cable
1x Floppy cable
1x IDE cable

BIOS features:
Bus Speeds: auto, 200MHz to 600MHz in 1MHz increments
Memory Ratios: auto, 533MHz, 667MHz or 800MHz
DRAM command rate: auto, 1T, 2T
DRAM timing control: auto, manual (not all values available)
FSB Frequency: auto, CPU-FSB to 700MHz in 1MHz increments
PCIe Frequency: auto, 100 to 200 MHz in 1MHz increments
CPU Clock Multiplier: auto, manual
Core 2 Duo: 6x-11x in 1X increments - Core 2 Duo, downwards unlocked
Core 2 Extreme: 6x-16X, downwards unlocked
CPU Voltage: +0.012 to 0.787V in 0.012V increments
DRAM Voltage: auto, 2.00V to 2.60V in 0.10V increments
FSB Termination Voltage: auto, 1.20V to 1.50V in 0.10V increments
North Bridge Voltage: auto, 1.25V to 1.55V in 0.10V increments
South Bridge Voltage: auto, 1.050V to 1.225V in 0.025V increments

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