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Ultra Violet Machines Genesis XOC Rules

by on18 October 2007





We mentioned Company of Heroes Opposing Front, where we’ve seen that Genesis XOC can churn out as much as 200fps on 1680x1050 resolution. Gaming performance is not in question when it comes to the configuration supplied by Genesis XOC. We all know what a Geforce 8800 Ultra is capable of, and to make things even better we had two of these in Ultra SLI. It was sheer pleasure to play any game, and yesterday we downloaded and tried out Unreal Tournament 3 demo.

The game is quite demanding, and we were expecting our system to at least hiccup from time to time, but Genesis XOC took it in stride. With maximum workload (16X anisotropic filtering and 32X antialiasing) our frame rate didn’t go under 49fps. Unreal Tournament 3 is the next PC blockbuster, but with cards such as these you just want more and more. However, we’re quite confident that future games won’t leave as much as a dent on Genesis XOC performance. When Nvidia tweaks their drivers, there’ll be even more fps on your screen.

World in Conflict is one of the games we’ve also tested, and we encountered some problems. However, they mostly had to do with Nvidia drivers and SLI support. We’re still uncertain whether the problem was solved, but one EVGA 8800 Ultra Black Pearl card with 4x antialiasing and 16x anisotropic filtering churns out 43fps. SLI should score more, but we were doomed to 45fps maximum, which clearly shows it is SLI’s fault.

Lost Planet was too easy. With 4xAA, 16xAF and SLI mode on, we reached 95fps. Using the same settings, one card reached 75fps.

While testing, we managed to finish Medal of Honor Airborne, and in the magnificent last scene where a German flak tower blows up, we measured 137fps. The settings were set to maximum with 4xAA and 16xAF. One card reached 92fps in the same scene.






This is an expensive machine that will easily handle any game on the market and even those that will appear in the next year or so. They will all run on maximum settings, guaranteed. 49fps in Unreal Tournament 3 with 32xAA and 16xAF is definitely a highlight, and this machine chewed it up and spat it out with no trouble whatsoever.

We hope that the machine you purchase is not as loud as ours, but as we've said, this issue is already resolved, and as for the performance – we doubt it gets much better than this. EVGA has done a great job together with Innovatek cooling; they cool the processor, motherboard and two graphics cards, so this machine could give you bragging rights for a very long time.

This mother of all beasts will set you back £4,533.93 INC VAT (without the monitor) and you can purchase it here.

Expensive? Maybe, but keep in mind that this machine is the Bugatti of gaming computers. Performance and style never come cheap.

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Last modified on 20 October 2007
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