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ASUS Blitz Extreme Dissected

by on03 October 2007


ASUS has made a huge step forward compared to the Deluxe series. The VRM is improved, the layout is far better and we encountered no problems running any memory modules. The drawback is the BIOS overrides your EIST settings when you overclock, almost any other board can reduce the VCore, anyway, and a reduction of 0.2V will always help to to reduce your power bill.

The PCIe switch chip is a nice add-on, but fails to be future-proof due its lack of PCIe 1.1 compatiblity for the second PCIe x16 slot.

We can abstain from the LCD display, watercooling-option and thermal sensors to lower the price tag. Right now, this board is available for about €240,- which is far too expensive. We wish any Deluxe version came as an "R.O.G." board with superior design and without all the fancy stuff, since WiFi is not needed for real gamers. The competition is significantly lower priced for a similar value.

This is indeed a fine board, but due the high price tag it fails to receive our recommandation. Due to the high prices of DDR3 memory we would also suggest to stay with DDR2 boards. ASUS offers the Blitz Formula, the twin brother of the Blitz Extreme, but at about €30,- less.

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Last modified on 22 October 2007
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