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Intel Celeron 430, E2160 & E6700 shootout

by on16 August 2007


Celeron 430:
The new Celeron line is also based on the Core 2 Duo architecture but instead of two cores you get only one. Furthermore the CPU is crippeld to only 512kB 2nd level cache, no virtualization technology and the worst of all: no engergy savings at all.

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Pentium Dual Core E2160 aka Core 2 E2160:
The cheapest Core 2 Duo offer from Intel is in fact a full Core 2 Duo, the only difference here is the 1MB crippled shared 2nd level cache and of course no virtualization technology.

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Intel packs both CPUs with the same cooler, which looks like most stock coolers but lacks the cooper core, it is only an aluminum cooler. If you like to overclock, avoid this cooler by any means. Both CPUs are available in a tray version, without the cooler.


We will see what effect the small cache will have on performace in games, but of course VT is no concern for us. Furthermore we will see if overclocking helps and if it can be an alternative to a "standard" cpu, such the E6700.

Last modified on 28 October 2007
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