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MSI G33 MS7357 IGP board tested

by on15 August 2007


High Definition Video

We tried HD video with 1080p quality and we were pleasantly surprised as G33 and Intel Clear Video Technology enabled smooth playing of a high quality video. However we were disappointed upon learning that Cyber Link PowerDVD can’t play HD DVD. Intel graphics driver failed the Cyberlink test.


Power Consumption:

This time we tested both idle and under a full workload.

G33 with integrated graphics will, of course, spend less energy than when paired with a graphics card.


Power consumption is low; it seems that VRM is very effective, although it’s only 4 phase design. Vista on the other hand might set you back a couple of bucks when the power bill arrives, as it needs more power than XP.

Last modified on 07 September 2007
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