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MSI P35 Platinum Review

by on01 August 2007


The case connectors are colour coded, but you need the manual if you forget the codes, because they are not described on the board itself.

The configuration of the slots is not perfect, as using dual slot graphic cards means you loose one of the PCI slots. It would have been nice to install a 3rd PCI Slot, because PCIe cards are still not common. Between Revision 1.0 and 1.1 no differences to speak of.


The heatpipe-construction, we call them "Looping", keeps the temperature of the P35 under 60°C even at 1.55V. But during testing while it got 30°C inside our lab, we noticed, it may not keep the temperatures in safe limits. So we recommand a fan to support the Northbridge cooler. The colour of the construction indicates it was made from copper, but MSI just uses cheaper aluminium and coloured it. MSI did not change anything between revisions.


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