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MSI P35 Platinum Review

by on01 August 2007



This board is a fine addition to everyone, as long as you can live with some BIOS issues. The operation is stable and it does consume much less power compared to the ASUS P5K, especially in idle mode. We liked the fact that it overclocks well and works really stable.

The board has a quite good layout, with the only issue of the cpu power connector, where the power cord will hinder the airflow of case-fans on the back. The sata connectors should have placed more on the edge of the board, because big two-slot graphic-cards like 8800 GTX will get in the way and there is plenty of space on the board, so relocating some other stuff would have been wise.

To be a top overclocker board it lacks 1200MHz memory support at least with our test modules and the current BIOS, this may change in the future. For an average user the board works quite well and if you can live with 485 MHz FSB this should be the board for you. MSI could go better with accessories.
The MSI P35 Platinum retails between €140,- and €150,- this is about €30,- to €40,- cheaper than ASUS P5K Deluxe and it will also save some cash on your power-bill.

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Last modified on 03 August 2007
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