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OCZ StealthXStream 600W dissected

by on12 July 2007







From the picture you can see that we’ve also tried using two Geforce 8800 Ultra cards in SLI mode. Efficiency of this PSU was compared with our favorite test PSU OCZ GameXStream 700W. We measured the power usage under a workload using one Geforce 8800 Ultra coupled with above mentioned components and these are the results.




The difference in power usage is neglectable and it is 0.28%. The next test we’ve done was mid-range SLI, where we used two 8600GTS cards. Both cards require one PCI-E power plug. This test also proved to be a piece of cake for StealthXStream.

In the end we opted for the worst case scenario, two Geforce 8800 Ultra cards running in SLI. It is improbable that anyone will use such a combination of hardware with StealthXStream but we had some time on our hands and made a quick test. The PSU has only two PCI-E connectors so we used additional molex ones with PCI-E bridges.



Although the maximum combined power on four lines is 580W, during 3DMark 06 testing in Shader 3.0, PSU didn’t make it and the system crashed. However we didn’t find it to be such a tragedy because after all StealthXStream showed it has raw power and that it is stable.


StealthXStream is a strong, reliable and cheap PSU, and all OCZ brand lovers will instantly fall in love with it. With a price of €75 +shipping, it is one of the cheapest quality PSUs we’ve seen up until now. We have no complaints for this OCZ product, low price is a strong argument for recommendations.

It is quiet enough and it will suffice for all high-end systems unless they’re running two 8800GTX/Ultra cards. If you want two 8800 Ultras we advise you to get a better, high-end model.

Getting 558W from this PSU is a great result. You can always count on quality 500W, but real 500W, not the cheap generic Chinese 500W PSUs which can’t even get close. We recommend this PSU to anyone who needs quality but not pricey power. The price of €75 is not really that cheap, but it is a bare minimum for quality 600W power.


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Last modified on 13 July 2007
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