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Kingston CL 3-3-3-10 memory, tested

by on09 July 2007



Review: CL3 800MHz better than CL5 1066MHz

KHX6400D2ULK2 is a low latency memory module running at 800MHz, however it scores the same or better than 1066MHz memory. The manufacturer is Kingston, and it is a priviledge to test this quality CL3 memory.



In brief, we're talking about HyperX DDR2 Kingston series. If you know Kingston, then you know that HyperX means top performance memory. The memory is running at 800MHz with ultra-low latencies CL 3-3-3-10. The main point of this memory is that with 3-3-3 timings you get good performance, squeezing out every bit of power that 800MHz memory can bring. It is an ideal product for all those who own motherboards that don't support faster memory.


Kingston PC2-6400 3-3-3-10 can be bought as a 1GB or 2GB kit, or separately where your choice of modules can be 512MB or 1GB. We tested a 2GB kit wrapped in a plastic package and small enough to fit in your pocket.


Kingston HyperX KHX is instantly recognizable for its nicely designed blue aluminum plates.

We dared to compare these with our recently tested Patriot PC2-8500 1066MHz memory. We have good reason to believe that Kingston’s low latencies will yield interesting results, close to 1066MHz memory with CL5 latency.   


We used EVGA 680i, The Black Pearl, water-cooled motherboard with EVGA 8600GTS graphics card and Intel Quad Core QX6700.

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Last modified on 09 July 2007
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