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ASUS P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP review

by on10 June 2007


The colour scheme is quite pleasing, a black PCB with yellow and black memory slots and red and black SATA connectors


The ASUS P3K Deluxe is of course an "all-solid" design, and was expected initially at a €200,- price tag.

The voltage regulator is an 8-phase analogue part, although we would have prefefred a digital VRM. The power connector is positioned under the memory slots. The 8-pin CPU power connector is well placed on the outer edge of the board next to the CPU socket. The CPU area is clear, so mounting a big coolers is easy.


The ICH9R supports six SATA II ports, but lacks support for IDE. The red SATA ports are SATA master, while the remaining black ones are SATA slaves. We have no idea what the slave setting is used for, but maybe some hard drives are configurable to work with slave controllers. The JMicro JMB363 provides two eSATA II ports for external drives and one internal IDE connector.


Last modified on 20 July 2007
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