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MSI P35 Neo Combo benchmarked

by on08 May 2007


FSB overclocking:

We could reach 320MHz without a problem, when setting the bus to 333MHz, the auto DRAM setting of the BIOS forced the memory to work at 1000MHz, which is hardly appropriate. Setting the memory ratio manual results in a bad setting of 800MHz with CL5-5-5-13. Any standard memory will fail, so booting is not possible.

Memory overclocking:

The board does work at 1000MHz  and maybe more, but this is a value board, so we don't expect to run the memory at 1200MHz, further tests will follow when we get the final BIOS.

CPU overclocking:

Due the limitations and bugs of the BIOS we could only reach 3200MHz, but we needed to increase the VCore by +0.1500V which is way too high and much higher than any other board. This seems to be a result of the poor 3-phase VRM, final verdict will be done when we receive the final BIOS.

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