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MSI P35 Neo Combo benchmarked

by on08 May 2007


The same episode we encoded, was used for our MP3-tests. We don't recommand using MP3 for encoding, because AC3 can do the job better, but nearly 42 minutes gives us approximately the length of any given album.
A measurement in seconds, as many sites do, is useless, because the differences are too small. So we used the built-in play/CPU ratio, this means the CPU is encoding x-times faster than the track-length. Fast memory does not play an important role here.
For your convenience we also show you the single-threaded benchmarks, they will be produced with any other L.A.M.E. version, because only lameMT can do more than one thread and take advantage of a second core.
We used these settings:
lamemt --vbr-new -q 2 -V 2 -m j --strictly-enforce-ISO --resample 48



This is a budget mainboard, we guess it's going to cost around €110 / $100 street price, so don't expect anything exciting. Due the BIOS bugs final testing could not complete, so we will give you an update when we can. We also heard that this is a prototype board and that the new BIOS will solve a lot of issues that we experienced.

It is not significantly faster than the 965, but it brings some cool features. We expect a new BIOS before we continue with the testing. 

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Last modified on 08 May 2007
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