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Sony Ericsson W880i thinnest walkman ever

by on06 May 2007



This brings us to the camera part. Sony Ericsson W880i has 2 Mega pixel camera with digital zoom. This will be enough for some great pictures but only at daylight. This phone is not equipped with any kind of flash and this will be bad if you want to take the pictures in the clubs or any pictures in the dark areas. There is a night mode on the phone but you have to be really still to make a good picture. This is a software feature and it doesn’t work that great.


We tried to take the pictures in the dark and it simply didn’t work well for us. The pictures are very dark or blurred, a very few of them are usable. In daylight you won't miss your camera as this phone will make some great pictures. The maximum picture size is 1632x1224 and you can also chose to take 1 Mega pixel camera mode and save some time. You can store hundreds of pictures on a 1GB card if it's not completly full of music, as the pictures are 400-500kb in size. This will be enough for anyone. You can send the pictures via MMS, blog your picture.


We were impressed with a small application called DJ Photo. The Photo DJ works great and you can change the contrast, add some simple effects such as negative, cartoon or a few other predefined effects. The surprising part is that this picture editing part works quite fast. The phone software can also remove the red eyes and you can play with the contrast or colours on the photos.


Video mode is usable but not great, again depends on the lightning. You will have to settle for 320x240 pixels resolution for a Video and it doesn’t looks that bad.


We have to mention a few more key. The task bar key can show you which application is running and you can shut it down from there. You also have some shortcut buttons and internet keys in this menu.

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