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Sony Ericsson W880i thinnest walkman ever

by on06 May 2007


Walkman part

The phone is all about the Walkman and Photo capabilities. The Walkman part is impressive. One to two GB of music should be enough for your daily usage and it is very easy to navigate the music, pause or play the tracks. The built in speaker is not that great as it is missing a lot of bass, but it will be enough for the beach. If you want to listen music we would advise you stick to the headphones or connect some external speakers.


The left hand side hides a Walkman button and you will start a music player by firmly pressing this side button. The headset bundled with the phone looks good and the media player is nice, very easy and does its job. The best part is you can play music for 17 – 18 hours. This is better than most of the MP3 players around.

The phone comes with a file transfer application and it is very easy to transfer the music or pictures from the computer to a phone and vice versa. The included USB cable takes care of the connection, but you can also use Bluetooth, but of course transfer via Bluetooth will be slower. We are impressed with the music part of the phone and it definitely beats the previous W800i model. It is almost three times thinner then the previous phone.


The sound quality on the phone is good and the network reception is good. We didn’t have a single issue with this phone while using it as a phone. The vibration is not that strong but it should be enough to feel it in your pocket. If you are lady and have this phone in your bag you can simply forget about hearing it vibrating. The ring tones are loud if you want them to be as this can be adjusted as well as many other features.

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