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DirecTV and HDNet settle legal action

by on11 December 2007


Before the case goes to court

DirecTV and HDNet have announced that a settlement has been reached before the matter was scheduled for trial. Under the terms of the settlement, subscribers that have the basic HD package will continue to receive HDNet, but will have to upgrade to a more expensive HD package to receive HDNet Movies.

According to various reports, most HD subscribers are currently paying an extra $10 per month for HD programming, but DirecTV is said to be introducing a new $5 per month HD programming option. Suggestions have been made that the new $5 per month programming option will be targeted at those HD subscribers that have yet to upgrade to the new 5 LNB dish with a new HD receiver that is able to handle the new MPEG 4 programming.

Many DirecTV HD subscribers have yet to upgrade to the new 5 LNB dish and the new MPEG 4 HD receiver because many subscribers continue to be unhappy with the new HD receivers being offered by DirecTV. In many cases, those that have HD DVR receivers do not offer TiVo, and customers are simply unwilling to give up their TiVos for the DirecTV-branded DVR solution that is simply not as good or easy to use as the TiVo DVR technology.

Although DirecTV is trying to lure subscribers to upgrade with the addition of multiple new HD channels, many subscribers continue to hold out hopes that DirecTV will relent and develop a new TiVo branded DVR that will be able to handle MPEG 4 now that the companies are at least talking again.

Last modified on 11 December 2007
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