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ROCCAT jumps into gaming arena

by on11 December 2007


Launches new gaming keyboard and mouse

The up and coming Roccat has launched a new gaming product line with its introduction of a new Roccat Kone gaming mouse and a new Valo gaming keyboard.

The gaming peripheral market space continues to grow, with even more companies trying to cater to the needs of serious PC gamers. While the jury is still out on how much this improves gaming performance, it does seem that many gamers do swear that their enhanced performance is due to their choice of gaming peripherals.

The Kone gaming mouse offers the unique claim that it will put an end to cursor movement with its “Distance Control Unit,” which kills the cursor movement when it senses the distance from the mouse to the mousing surface changes. The Kone also offers five different color combinations of LED lights from which to choose, as well as adjustable weight technology that was pioneered by Logitech in the G5 series. The Kone also features 96Kb of on-board memory storage for programming.

Roccat also announced the launch of a new backlit keyboard called the Valo gaming keyboard. The Valo features a Logitech G15 style LCD display above the keyboard, but no indication of game compatibility or how this will be used was mentioned. The Valo will offer a whopping 2MB of RAM and 41 programmable keys for macro and profile storage.

Roccat does not offer any indication of a MSRP for either the Kone or the Valo. Also, no time frame was given as to when the products would be on retailer shelves.

Last modified on 11 December 2007
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