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Lenovo churns out pricey smartbook

by on05 January 2010


1GHz ARM for $499

has revealed a few details about its upcoming Skylight smartbook and although it looks quite impressive, we're really not that impressed.

It packs an 1GHz Qualcomm ARM processor, 20GB of flash storage, as well as 2GB of cloud storage and an 8GB miniSD card. The highlight is definitely the high res 1280x720 10.1-inch screen and the compact size. Apparently it weighs less than two pounds, or less than 900g which is quite impressive. We also like the clamshell design, although it does seem to have quite a big footprint.


The Skylight will offer a host of connectivity options, including WiFi, integrated AT&T module and two USB ports in case you need more. Lenovo promises upwards of 10 hours endurance which sounds realistic considering it features an ARM CPU and solid state storage.

Its biggest shortcoming is the $499 price tag. Hopefully telcos will subsidize it or offer it under attractive payment plans. Sadly, this probably won't happen in smaller or less developed markets and paying the $499 for any sort of smartbook/netbook is just too much.
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