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Asus claims longer battery life on new Seashells

by on23 December 2009


Up to 14hrs thanks to Super Hybrid Engine

Asus has also issued a press release about its recently revealed, Pinetrail based, Asus Eee PC Seashell 1005P, 1005PE and 1001P models and their awesome battery life touted to be good for up to 14hrs. According to Asus, the company-quoted battery life is possible thanks to Asus' Super Hybrid Engine technology and the new Intel Pinetrail platform.

All three new Seashells are based on Intel Atom N450 CPU and feature Asus SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) which adjusts power consumption according to the "task at hand". We are still not sure what does "SHE" actually do to reduce power consumption but we suspect that it decreases the clocks or even plays with voltages, although that is something that we are yet to see.

In addition to the Windows 7, these new Seashells will also feature Asus Express Gate, which should boot up in eight seconds and provide you with you basics like surfing, photo browsing, chat and some games, practically everything that Atom is capable of doing.

The 14hrs sounds pretty good even for company-quoted battery life and it is something that we would gladly see with our own eyes.


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