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Netbook Atom N45x and N47x to get DDR3

by on14 December 2009


Mid of next year, 2010

It looks like Intel didn’t finish up with its Atom Pinetrail-M development and despite the obvious DDR2 memory controller it wants to refresh the CPU with DDR3 support.

Atom N450 comes in January time at 1.66GHz and some two quarters after, Intel plans to release N45x and N47x CPUs that will feature DDR3 support.

Since this is a netbook platform, DDR3 support will come in lower speeds compared to desktop Pinetrail-D am and it will work at DDR3 667MHz supporting two SODIMM memory slots.

There will be an option to have one module soldered on the motherboard and the second one to come with SODIMM and this implantation might be a cheaper one or simply using two SODIMMs.

The launch date for DDR3 versions of Atom, designated N45x and N47x where x is yet to be disclosed, is mid-2010 and we would not be surprised to see them in the first days of June 2010 at Computex in Taiwan.

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