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Dell launches Adamoesque Vostro V13

by on08 December 2009


Dirt cheap and good looking

Singapore branch has unveiled a good looking CULV ultraportable at a very affordable price tag.

The Vostro V13 is styled after the ultra thin and ultra expensive Dell Adamo Thirteen and based on Intel's CULV platform. However, unlike the Adamo, the V13 will not burn a hole in your wallet, as prices start at $450, which sounds quite sensible, cheap even.


The V13 is just 16.5mm (0.65 inches) thick and weighs around 1.5kg, or 3.5lbs. We've seen lighter CULV models, but few if any are as thin as the V13.

Dell will offer a range of CPUs with the V13, starting with the 1.2GHz Celeron 743, through the SU3500 single-core and SU7300 dual-core. Like most CULVs, it's stuck with Intel's X4500MHD graphics, but most people don't need anything better in this market segment.


Mind you, we left the best for last. It has a matte screen, none of that glare nonsense, making it one of few CULV notebooks with a proper screen you can actually use outside.

You can check out the product page here.
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