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Cedar Trail 2011 Atom platform is 32nm

by on20 November 2009


Cedarview is the CPU

Cedar trail
is the new 2011 Atom platform, while Cedarview is the new Atom that should start shipping in 2011. Pineview will ship early next year, 2010, as early as January, and it should last throughout 2010 and some parts of 2011 until it gets succeeded by Cedarview.

We have managed to confirm Cedarview is a 32nm CPU and that is has quite a few changes including a new memory controller that will be able to accommodate DDR3 memory. We are talking about DDR3 1066 support, something that matches Intel's Core i7 - Bloomfield memory support.

Intel will still stick with single channel memory but two DIMM support, at least for the desktop version, although we are pretty confident that netbook version should be the same.

Last modified on 23 November 2009
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