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Intel's 32nm 1.20GHz dual-core does 2.26GHz in Turbo Mode

by on02 November 2009


Core i7 640UM launches in Q1 2010 for $305

We have already mentioned this particular mobile dual-core chip in the past, but for the sake of its sheer performance capabilities, we really have to commend Intel and do it one more time. Put simply, the Core i7 640UM mobile dual-core looks really impressive. This CPU launches in Q1 2010 and will be the king of the ultra-thin, "Ultra-Mobile" (UM) performance market. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that it looks like the best mobile chip ever made by Intel, as it has runs dual cores at 1.2GHz default clocks but with Turbo mode, it can overclock all the way to an astonishing 2.26GHz per core.

All of this can be done in under an 18W TDP envelope which is a great number considering that the integrated graphics core (IGP), integrated memory controller (IMC) and northbridge (IOH) are all part of this 32nm Arrandale-based CPU.

The only downside is the Simultaneous Multithreading support (formerly known as HyperThreading), as it doesn’t do much and it consumes a lot of extra power. The only advantage of enabling the feature would be that it displays four threads in Windows Task Manager, and might make a dozen or so ardent enthusiasts feel good about their purchase.

The CPU comes with 4MB of cache, a 1066MHz FSB, and its H55 chipset supports switchable graphics. As a result, we can hope to expect switchable discreet graphics with this design. All in all, great battery life can definitely be expected with this particular chip and it will launch in Q1 2010 for $305.
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