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Sony Vaio X costs ?1499 in Europe

by on22 October 2009


So let me get this straight...

Sony's Vaio
notebook series has always had a reputation for somewhat, hm, optimistic pricing. At some point Sony salespeople seem to have started believing that they're actually working for a certain fruit themed toy maker in Cupertino, hence the Vaio X pricing came as no surprise.

In case you missed it, Sony recently announced a beautiful and incredibly slim netbook. It dubbed it the Vaio X series, stuck an Atom Z-series CPU in it and put a $1300 price tag on the whole package. As if the promised $1300 starting price wasn't astronomically high enough for an Atom-based toy, Sony decided that Europeans are not good with math and set an even higher price for the old world.

Looking at early listings, it is clear that Sony's MSRP for the X, or VPC-X11 as it calls it in Europe, stands at €1499. We're pretty sure that Sony has some rather good accountants, and we're sure they have some calculators, too. But for some reason, Sony is using neither, so let's give them a hand.

The current exchange rate is 1.49, so the Vaio X costs $2246 in Europe. This obscenely thick wad of dead presidents will buy you a 1.86GHz Atom, 2GB of memory and a 128GB SSD.

In case anyone is considering spending $2246 on the Vaio X, we believe that that particular person would be much better off buying something else, like a handful of happy pills and a few trips to the shrink.

On another note, what is the point of making a 14mm thin notebook if it needs an extra battery to run for more than 3 hours, and with that battery it looks like this:


(Hm, looks like it's giving birth to a Vaio P. sub.ed.)
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