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BFG enters gaming notebook market

by on13 October 2009


Launches Deimos X10 18.4-inch SLI offering

Most people know BFG from the video cards they produce, but the company is going in a new direction with the launch of their first-ever gaming notebook. BFG is starting to accept pre-orders for the Deimos X-10, which is the company’s 18.4-inch widescreen SLI notebook offering that is directly targeted at gamers.

The centerpiece of the X10 has to be the unit’s ability to be configured with dual NVIDIA GTX 280M 1GB cards in SLI mode for the 1920x1080 LCD display that the notebook offers. According to BFG, the X-10 takes advantage of all of the NVIDIA SLI technology in the portable form factor.

BFG says that if you place an order before October 30th they will knock an additional 10% off the regular price. The move by BFG into the gaming notebook space is just another example of how companies that have typically been video card resellers have had to expand their offerings to survive.

Many companies have added additional products outside their typical video card offerings to broaden their sales beyond video cards, as with the economic downturn video cards just have not been selling. The diversification has become necessary, but we are not sure how well boutique-oriented gaming computers and notebooks will do for BFG to expand their sales. It does look like an impressive offering at a reasonable price. Previously, BFG started offering the Phobos, which was the company’s first self-described “Extreme-Performance Gaming/Home Theater System,” so the move to also offer gaming notebooks should come as little surprise.

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