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Timelines get Celerons

by on29 September 2009


Sub €500 deal of the day


We mentioned Acer's Timeline 3410T a few weeks back, but now it seems it's slowly appearing in retail, along with its 15-inch sibling, the 5410T.

Both are based on Intel's 1.2GHz Celeron 723, the cheapest and slowest CULV processor around, and it shows, at least price wise. Blighty retailers are selling them at ridiculous prices, and in euros, the 3410T works out to just €426, while the 5410T sells for €475.

Although you get a rather measly CPU, the prices are impressively low, and the 3410T ends up nearly as cheap as some high end netbooks. With 3GB of memory, a 250GB hard drive, 6-cell battery, n-wireless and HDMI, it's nothing short of a bargain.

Last modified on 29 September 2009
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