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Limewire countersuit thrown out

by on10 December 2007


Still can re-file in another jurisdiction if it wants

suit against the RIAA was thrown out of court, as the judge sided with the RIAA’s motion to dismiss the suit. This means that the parent group of Limewire, the Lime Group LLC, will not get a chance to have its day in court by having its claims heard. The majority of the claims that Limewire made against the RIAA were dismissed without prejudice.

The good news is that the Limewire folks still have the chance to file other suits in other states, so they are not down and out yet. The purpose of the lawsuit was to call attention to the often unfair and bullying tactics that RIAA has been using against P2P file sharing and even against legitimate companies.

While the back and forth of the lawsuits has favored the RIAA as the victor as of late, it has not been without setbacks.
Last modified on 11 December 2007
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