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HP Envy 13 tips up

by on14 September 2009


Adamo meets Air

The ragazzi
over at have dug up several photos of HP's upcoming Envy 13 notebook.

Sadly, at this point we don't know the specs or price, but we know that it's a beautiful lump of aluminium. Design wise it's about halfway between Apple's gently curved Air and Dell's sharp edged Adamo. It sports a trackpad with integrated buttons, much like Dell's latest netbooks. However, the Envy is not as thin as the Adamo or Air.


It seems to be just under an inch thick, and considering it doesn't pack an optical drive, this is a bit surprising. However, this also means HP has a bit more room to tinker with it, and it might house a somewhat more powerful CPU than the pricey yet feeble SL-series C2Ds used on the Air and Adamo, perhaps even some discrete graphics.

It should launch later this week, so we won't make any more wild guesses or assumptions until then.

Be sure to check out notebookitalia's glorious press photos, here.
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