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AMD announces Vision program

by on11 September 2009


Way to differentiate hardware

In addition to the yesterday's buzz about AMD's DirectX 11 Evergreen family of GPUs, AMD has announced its new Vision technology. Vision is basically just a way for AMD to bundle its high-end, mainstream and low-end hardware into one brand, Vision. 

For now, Vision will have three levels, depending on the hardware inside, Vision, Vision Premium and Vision Ultimate. AMD is using this in order to simplify the buying experience for mass consumers, and this is something that enthusiasts really don't care about. The Intel "star" system, AMD's Vision is just something that is meant for mass consumers and their way of saying that Ultimate is better than Premium.

AMD is also planning to introduce a fourth level as well, which will be called Vision Black. The Black brand has sort of become AMD's brand for special products. This one will probably debut sometimes next year, once the other three levels become something that we'll see often on retail shelves.

Mass consumers, those that really don't care about the hardware inside, will have an easy task when it comes to AMD, it's either Vision, Vision Premium or Vision Ultimate, depending on what do you need to do.


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