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Dell launches new Adamo tease site

by on10 September 2009


The 9.99mm Adamo XPS

In order to somewhat salvage the Adamo brand, which was kinda destroyed due to the fact that the first Adamo model just wasn't doing too well due to its quite high price, Dell has launched a new teaser site showing a new Adamo XPS.

The specifications unfortunately remain a mystery, as Dell is probably going to do whatever is in its power to hype up the new Adamo XPS. The only known fact it that this one will be 9.99mm thick. The only drawback is that Dell had probably needed cut some corners with this one in order to keep the thickness at 9.99mm.

We hope that new Adamo XPS will be something that will indeed impress as the first one was a great idea, just with several major issues. You can check out the teaser site here.


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