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AMD to launch two new mobile platforms

by on04 September 2009


In 2009

We got
some additional details on CPUs that will create new Tigris mainstream and 2ne generation ultrathin platform.

The mainstream CPU is codenamed Caspian and we expect it in September time. This is nothing more than tweaked dual-core Athlon.

AMD reveals that Caspian has up to two cores, supports DDR2 800 memory, has 128-bit floating point and is developed in 45nm. The 45nm nanometre bit means that this CPU will end up cooler than the previous 65nm one. It will support mobile S1g3 socket.

The platform includes support for RS880M series chipset with DirectX 10.1, UVD2 and PowerPlay support as well as AMD SB710 Southbridge and ATI M9x series of discrete GPUs.

The second platform is called „2nd generation Ultrathin“ and it comes around Conesus dual core that is still done in the old 65nm development process and supports DDR2 667, but it should come quite cheap. It supports ASB1 BGA socket and interconnects with RS780MN chipset that has DirectX 10 and UVD support. The Southbridge of the choice is SB710 and the discrete graphics to match this platform is ATI M82 and M92.

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