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Acer and Lenovo apparently developing Tegra smartbooks

by on02 September 2009


Rumoured to be coming soon

The dark
satanic rumour mill has churned out a rather interesting report that Acer and Lenovo are developing new netbooks, or should we say smartbooks, based on Nvidia's Tegra chip.

According to, a Chinese notebook news site, the report stems from reliable sources, but we're still far from sure about it. Perhaps the oddest thing about the report is that the new Tegra-books will use Google's Chrome OS, not Android. Not long ago Google was saying the first Chrome OS products would appear on the market in early 2010. However, Shanzai claims Tegra based Acers and Lenovos should appear quite soon, in late September.

We're really not sure about this. We doubt anyone would be surprised if it turned out the likes of Acer and Lenovo were developing Tegra-based designs, but the timeline seems a bit unrealistic. Late 2009 or early 2010 sounds a bit more plausible.

You can find the original report here.
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