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Seagate readies 2.5-inch 1TB drive

by on01 September 2009


Two external versions already listed

is about to launch its first 2.5-inch 1TB drive and several British retailers are already listing two Seagate external drives based on the new disk.

The Seagate Portable and Seagate FreeAgent Go cost just over €160, but they are still not available, and at this point it's unclear when Seagate plans to ship them.

Mindy you, we're not talking about a particularly fast drive, as it's a 5400rpm unit with 8MB of cache. Seagate's Momentus and Constellation series drive run at 7200rpm and feature 16MB or 32MB of cache.

However, at this point we're not sure if the new 1TB drive is a 9.5mm design, which would make it the first practical 1TB unit for notebooks on the market.
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