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Russians stampede to get cheap notebooks

by on01 September 2009


Injuries reported, Acer to blame

A Russian
retail chain listed a special summer offer on an Acer notebook, scheduled to start on August 30. Apparently its marketing did the trick, perhaps a bit too well.

A huge crowd of people gathered in front of the store, eager to get a 17-inch dual-core Acer with 3GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive for just $322. As the start of the sale neared, staff realized they won't be able to cope with the mob who was trying to get in any way possible and called the police, suspending the sale.

Once the sale started again, it soon degenerated into a mess. People were taking notebooks from the shelves without paying for them, while others were paying for them, only to end up with a receipt and no notebook to pick up with it.

Two men were injured in the stampede, while a young woman lost her consciousness in the crowd. In a bid to escape the mob, salesmen were jumping on counters. Needless to say, all 250 notebooks on offer sold out in no time.

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