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Nokia launches its first netbook

by on24 August 2009


Aluminium wrapped Booklet 3G

Nokia has finally done what people have expected it to do for over a year now, it launched its own netbook. You might wonder if it was worth the wait, and we're really not sure ourselves.


Don't get us wrong, it's a great looking netbook, packed in a thin, 2cm aluminium chassis it simply looks classy. Nokia is still not saying what's under the bonnet. We know it's an Atom, but we have no idea which one, and we don't know anything about storage.

However, Nokia is boasting quite a few goodies uncommon to most netbooks out there. It will run Windows 7, it has 3G support, A-GPS, and there's HDMI in case the HD-ready 10.1-inch screen isn't enough. This all sounds rather good, but best of all, Nokia is promising 12 hours of battery life, which means there's a good chance that it will use a Z-series Atom and perhaps even solid state storage, or hybrid storage.


Nokia will reveal the rest of the spec during Nokia World 09 on September 2nd. One thing that does worry us is its price. A feature packed netbook in such a nice chassis and with a Nokia badge on the lid probably won't come cheap.
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