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MSI X340 gets cheaper, pregnant

by on19 August 2009


Bigger battery and a slight price cut

MSI's X340 is a rather tempting alternative to pricey ultraportables, but its lackluster battery life was a big price to pay for the sleek, anorexic design.

However, MSI has updated it with a new 8-cell power pack and it has dropped the price, too. The new battery should double its endurance, and MSI claims it will run for 8 hours and 48 minutes till you're forced to plug it in. Unfortunately, the X340 ends up with a distinctive hump on the bottom of the chassis, but it's not too big. MSI will also offer the 8-cell battery as an upgrade for $99.

The good news don't end there. MSI is apparently cutting the price of the X340 in the U.S. market from $899 to $799, which should make it a bit more competitive, although Acer's Timelines still end up a bit cheaper, and fatter. Unfortunately, there's still no matte screen option, so you're stuck with a reflective panel which really isn't suited for ultraportables.

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