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MSI Wind U100 finally gets new CPU

by on12 August 2009


Price stays the same though

After more
than a year on the market, MSI's Wind U100 is about to receive a much needed refresh and a new CPU. Announced back in April, the Wind U100 Plus features an Atom N280 CPU. This means you get a slightly higher clock, 1.66HHz to be exact, and a 667MHz bus versus 533MHz on the N270.

The rest of the spec remains unchanged, but there's really not much to change as it already has just about everything Intel and Microsoft allow on a netbook, i.e. 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive  and a 6-cell battery. Fortunately the price stays the same, and the new version should not cost more than the old N270-based Wind.

This might cause some retailers to drop prices on the old model to get rid of excess stock, so we might be looking at some bargains when the Plus version appears. Also, you'll get a choice of two new colours with the Plus, Rose Champagne and Metallic Blue.

It should appear in retail over the next few weeks, and we're a bit surprised it's taking this long to ship it in Europe, as it was announced months ago.

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