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Intel doesn?t want cheap nettops

by on03 July 2009


The correct word is affordable

Intel is advising its customers that they should never, ever, ever and not even then call your Atom-based nettop cheap. Cheap is a banned word, as cheap means that something is not good enough and Intel is very clear in its OEM marketing guidelines that it wants vendors to call nettops affordable and “NEVER to be referred as cheap”.

Intel also claims that nettops are innovative, and that they have a new design which is not far from truth, but the key point is still that they are cheap, and that they don’t take up a lot of space.

So, if you are buying and selling a lot of Atom-based nettops you won’t be allowed to say that they are cheap, even though that’s the whole truth. On the other hand, bringing on vengeance from Intel’s marketing machine is definitely not a choice the wise would make.

Last modified on 03 July 2009
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