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Cheapest Arrandale to sell for around $260

by on24 June 2009


Replaces SU9400

Intel's Ultra low voltage SU9400 is currently selling for $262 and the cheapest Arrandale will be out in Q1 2010 to replace it. SU9400 works at 1.4GHz has 3MB L2 cache, two cores and two threads while Arrandale has two cores and four thread support plus the integrated graphics.

SU9400 has an impressive TDP of just 10W, but we are quite sure that Arrandale will have to consume a bit more due to its IGP.

Since SU9400 is priced at $262 we would expect that Arrandale might come with the same or similar price but a slightly higher price would not be a big surprise simply as Arrandale comes with an IGP, something that Intel usually sells with a chipset.

One thing is sure, this CPU comes in Q1 2010.

Last modified on 24 June 2009
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