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New Nvidia mobile supports GDDR5

by on11 June 2009


GT200 done right

Nvidia's new 40nm mobile generation is getting closer to launch and DirectX 10.1 support is not the only surprise. The new mobile generation is also going to support GDDR5 memory, something that will work very well with notebooks.

GDDR5 can double the memory bandwidth over the GDDR3 and this will certainly result with a nice boost of Nvidia new mobile generation.

GT200 with GDDR5 was rumoured last year and now, it's becoming a reality and without any expectations we even got DirectX 10.1 with it, and all this got packed in 40nm. We dare to say that this will probably be GT200 done right, as the power consumption and the chip size will be much better than the original 65nm GT200.

Last modified on 11 June 2009
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