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Alienware's new M17x gets previewed

by on04 June 2009


Enough for Crysis Warhead and Farcry 2

The Guys from managed to get their hands on of the new Alienware/Dell M17x notebook and take a look at how much power lies hidden under that alien head on the lid.

Thanks to Intel's Q9300 Extreme CPU, 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory and dual GTX 280's in SLI, the new M17x is capable of pushing Crysis Warhead and Farcry 2 at maximum settings and high resolutions.

The new Alienware M17x looks really good, but the looks are something that you either like or hate, but we must confess that the glowing alien head does leave an unforgettable impression. The new M17x might cost you an arm and a leg with these specs, or even more if you decide to go for the SSD option, but it can also be equipped with single or dual GTX 260's and some other CPU which should lower the price a bit.

According to, the temperatures are kept at bay, as the new M17x vents all the hot air out using an ingenious and over engineered cooling system with massive vents on the base of the chassis.

You can check out the full preview here.

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