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Mini-tablet PC ships with virus

by on25 May 2009


Designed to steal WoW account information


When you are shopping for computer gear, you probably do not want to worry about going through all the problems of getting infected with MalWare. I expect you are just wishing, wouldn't it be great if some PC manufacturer shipped their hardware with the Malware already on board, then you would not have to waste time going to a porn site to download it.

Apparently the M&A Companion Touch, a mini-tablet PC designed for students, does just that. It had been updated with the latest drivers at the factory prior to shipping out to retail and a USB device used for the updates infected the enter run with malware as they were on their way out of the factory door.

The Malware in question sniffs your World of Warcraft account and steals all your details. No problems if you don't play the game, but given that WoW is a staple of students, next to spaghetti and baked beans, and this tablet was designed for them, it might cause a few headaches.

The landmark finding by a team of researchers from the University of California at Berkley flipped conventional testosterone-based thinking on its head.

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