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Intel turns to Broadcom for HD decoding on Pinetrail

by on21 May 2009


Next-gen Atom platform coming in Q4


It was only last week that Intel received the biggest fine of its corporate life for violating EU antitrust laws in a case with AMD. Not to mention, the other side of the picture rests in the fact that Nvidia has also been complaining about Intel’s Atom pricing structure, and is probably still shaken by the anti-ION propaganda in recent months.

With all backs turned against it, the blue chipmaker is now turning to Broadcom for its HD video processing needs on the Atom “Pine Trail” netbook platform that will be released in Q4. According to a few netbook manufacturers, Intel plans to offer the Broadcom BCM70015 graphics chip as an option to its partners on Pine Trail, which features support for popular codecs such as AVC, H.264, VC-1, WMV9 and MPEG2. The other strong feature of this chip is the fact that it can easily run Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux at relatively low power.

The chip itself has a die area of 10mm² and consumes 30mW when idling. When playing 720p HD content, it consumes a little under 500mW and for 1080p HD content just under 1W. This is actually better than Nvidia’s Tegra, which consumes 100mW when idling and around 2W when decoding at full power.

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