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Wal-Mart to do another HD DVD promotion

by on07 December 2007


Friday, December 7th secret sale

After such
a successful sale of the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player on Wal-Mart’s special secret pre-back Friday sale, they are at it again with another HD DVD player blow out. The deal is a little different this time around. For starters, the HD DVD player that they will offer will be the Toshiba third generation HD-A3, but this time around buyers will get a total of 12 HD DVDs with the purchase of the player.

The way that this works is that you get two free movies in the box with the HD-A3. Then you will be able to pick five additional movies from a selection at Wal-Mart from HD DVD titles priced under $30. Finally, you will be able to mail in the purchase certificate and claim five additional movies from the same mail-in HD DVD promotion that is still running. Getting a total of seven free HD DVDs to start your collection off is a pretty good deal, since you will be able to select five of the titles yourself.

On the surface the price may not appear that good, but the US$298 price tag for the third generation player and 12 movies is far better than any deal we have see so far on Blu-ray offers. Wal-Mart does also indicate that the promotion will also run for US$198 with ten free movies in stores that still have HD-A2 units left to move. In the case of the HD-A2 units, you don’t get the two movies in the box, but you do get to pick five at Wal-Mart, mail in for five additional free HD DVD titles, and you do get to save $100.

Just a quick note on the mail-in promotion for the five free HD DVD titles: we are still waiting for ours. We sent in for our five free HD DVDs the same day that we purchased our HD-A2 from Wal-Mart and have still yet to receive them. Not that we expected them to arrive early, but we are still holding out hope that they might show up before Christmas.  We have already been waiting for more than four weeks.

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