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Vista Service Pack 1 RC will go to public beta

by on07 December 2007


Another week wait

According to various reports today, Vista Release Candidate 1 will be released for public beta testing in about a week. As we have previously reported, Service Pack 1 for Vista is mostly a collection of bug fixes and performance enhancements to improve the Vista experience and address issues that consumers have been having with the Microsoft OS.

Indications are that Microsoft will roll out Service Pack 1 for Vista using Windows Update for Vista at some point during the first quarter of 2008.

Reports also indicate that Microsoft will provide a way for users and IT shops to block the delivery of Service Pack 1 for Vista to allow for more testing prior to upgrading.

Everyone who ever used vista knows that many things has to be fixed but it took WindowsXP two service packs until everyone agreed it become a good operating system. 
Last modified on 07 December 2007
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