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Lenovo talks future of netbooks

by on10 May 2009


3G, Windows 7, bigger screens

In a chat
with tech.blorge, Matt Kohut, Lenovo’s Worldwide Competitive Analyst shared his thoughts on the future of netbook development. The future, according to Kohut, involves a pinch Windows 7 with side order of 3G, all packed in a low fat 12-inch form factor.

Kohut points out that vendors are already moving toward bigger screens, and that customers are demanding bigger panels and lower prices. He sees a lot of potential in Windows 7, especially praising its touch capabilities, so we'll probably be seeing a lot more touchscreens on future netbooks.

He also confirmed the new OS will have a specialized version for netbooks, sort of. "Windows 7 is going to have, not a true netbook version, but a version intended to work especially well on netbooks," claims Kohut.

Lenovo thinks netbooks are not just a short term craze, they're here to stay, and as more serious models start to appear, business users will start to adopt them as well.

You can find the full interview here.
Last modified on 10 May 2009
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