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MSI unveils the X-Slim X400

by on01 May 2009

14-inch CULV on the way

MSI has
officially confirmed it's planning to launch a 14-inch X-Slim series notebook, but has stopped short of revealing any details or specs.

Dubbed X-Slim X400, it will fill the gap between the X340 and X600, and MSI says it will appear "in the near future". We are guessing summertime, probably shortly after the 15.6-inch X600 hits the shelves.

Other vendors are launching similar models in Q2, and Acer's 14-inch Timeline should appear in late May. Also, MSI is reportedly working on a 11.6-inch X-Slim as well, and as it's the only model not to be announced yet, it will probably appear a bit later.

Acer should be first on the market with 14-inch and 15-inch models, and according to the first listings, its Timeline series products will be slightly cheaper than MSI's. However, MSI's X-Slim designs are much more compact, and almost 1cm thinner than Acer's Timelines.

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