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Calpella and Clarksfield Nehalem notebooks are Q3

by on16 April 2009



PM55 chipset

Just last week at IDF China, Intel said that Clarksfield, quad-core Nehalem for notebooks comes in late 2009, but they just informed its partners that the CPU and the rest of the Calpella platform should be ready in Q3 2009.

The chipset of choice is PM55 and there won’t be any IGP chipsets for Nehalem, at least not this year. It will be interesting to see what will Intel do for Calpella as its PM55 chipset does not have an integrated GPU in chipset and the Arrandale 45nm dual core CPU with integrated graphics on the Multi Chip Package comes in Q1 2010.

This might be a big opportunity for ATI and Nvidia, as someone has to fill the gap. They might sell a lot of entry level or higher discrete GPUs to Intel’s notebook manufacturers to support Calpella platform.  

Intel has at least two quarters to survive off discrete graphics, which is something that we didn’t expect to see in the notebook market, where Intel holds more than 50 percent of the graphics market.

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