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Sharp set to launch netbook next week

by on15 April 2009


Will be sold under the Mebius brand

Although Sharp doesn't sell a lot of computer products outside of Japan, the company is about to launch a netbook, although it's unknown if this will only be for the Japanese market, or also for the rest of the world. It will be sold under Sharp's Mebius notebook brand

It will be sold under Sharp's Mebius notebook brand, but so far there are no hard facts as to what will be on offer and only a single picture of the device with the lid ajar has been released by Sharp. We'd expect to see fairly standard netbook specs once it launches, but Sharp tens to go with slightly unusual solutions and it was one of the first companies to launch an MID with a full QWERTY keyboard powered by an Atom processor.

We're getting to the stage where there aren't many companies in the IT business that haven't launched a netbook, although we're still waiting for Apple's response. Will make sure to keep track on the new Sharp

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